Monday 3 February 2014

Soma Coma - Demo

‘Demo 2013’
Soma Coma

Review by Laurence Grimwood

Genre/s: Hardcore, punk
For fans of: Salvation, Straightjacket Nation, EAT A BRICK!

Soma Coma are an Australian punk band that rose from the decomposing remains of infamous NSW hardcore band ‘EAT A BRICK!’. While this Melbourne band’s music can only be fully experienced live, this recent demo does a damn good job at capturing the raw energy that Soma Coma’s sets are known for. If you’re into fast, noisy, slightly ‘blackened’ punk with a classic Melbourne vibe, give this recent demo a listen.
1. 2 Minutes Hate
2. Imperial Dick
3. Ordinary
4. Fallout
5. Isbreh
6. Sex Ad
7. Son Of Gulag
8. Violence
9. Gimme Soma

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