Tuesday 4 February 2014

Purity Control - Adjusting

Greetings, my name is Jerry Kahale, I hail from Sydney, Australia and I am one of the new reviewers on this dandy blog. I used to write reviews back on my old Seagull Chainsaw blog back in 2011 but that is pretty much dead.  Basically I will review and share stuff I like. If you wish to determine my judgements from my musical endeavors (however that works) I write music under Frame 313, Giygas, Seagull Chainsaw and Cittagazze which as it stands doesn’t exist until we have music up sometime this year. 

Some of my favorite artists at this time in writing  are The Locust, Iron Lung, Sonic Youth, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Antioch Arrow, Das Oath, Sex Vid, Fucked Up, Husker Du, Jerrys Kids, No Comment, Agents Of Abhorrence, Hatred Surge, Straightjacket Nation, Snakeface, Trap Them, Cursed, Carbonas, Masato Nakamura,
Takushi Hiyamuta and Wesley Willis. Ask me this another time and the answers will probably be all different except the first four. Sorry I got carried away.

Purity Control

Review by Jerry Kahale
Genre/s: Hardcore, Powerviolence
For Fans of: Endless Blockade, Iron Lung, Sea Of Shit, Cursed, Jenny Piccolo

If you like your hardcore with a little more intuition than four chord blastathons and the intensity ramped up to eleven then Toronto, Canada based Purity Control has got your back. In just under 5 minutes, these six short bursts of unhinged yet well-constructed music that could easily put a lot of the veterans to shame. From the start of the swinging but menacing bass riff at “Dear Life” you can feel that this won’t be ordinary or mediocre. All the tracks stand out and shine in their own way, seldom retreading anything they’ve done before with their mix bag of raging hardcore, powerviolence and just a pinch of mathcore.  Basically they’re a modern Jenny Piccolo (Fun Fact: Purity Control is infact a J.P song) and it seems that there are a lot of Canadian hardcore bands that are really standing out and almost criminally overlooked.

So remember, while Canada has brought us Nickelback, Sum 41, and Three Days Grace they also brought us Leonard Cohen, every project that Chris Colohan has ever been in, Fucked Up and now they bring us Purity Control.  Download it for free right from their bandcamp and if you dig it then grab a copy on vinyl and maybe a shirt too.


1. Dear Life
2. Insect Politics
3. Swallowing
4. Light Pollution
5. Mock Suicide
6. Gag Order


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