Friday 7 February 2014

The Gerogerigegege - Yasakuni Jinja

'Yasakuni Jinja'
The Gerogerigegege

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Power Electronics, Japanoise
For Fans Of:  Masonna, Whitehouse, Macronympha, Ramleh

The Gerogerigegege hold the title (at least in my books) for being the single most infuriating band to ever release music. With one of the most prolific, varied and notoriously dodgy (check this out) discographies out there, they've covered every noise sub-genre there is to cover, as well as punk, thrash metal, lounge music, prog rock, comedy and ambient. Yasakuni Jinja is one of The Gerogerigegege's more focused efforts, and is rooted very firmly in power electronics. In very much the same vein as their contribution to the Extreme Music From Japan Comp (Her Name Is On My Cock), this 7" features two tracks of extremely distorted, warbled vocals competing with crunchy sub-bass and bursts of feedback. Arguably the closest thing these guys ever got to a serious release, Yasakuni Jinja is intense, agressive and up their with Yellow Trash Bazooka as the best thing they've put out.

1. Yasakuni Jinja: Part 1
2. Yasakuni Jinja: Part 2


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