Sunday 2 February 2014

Bloodclot Faggots - Self Titled

'Bloodclot Faggots
Bloodclot Faggots

Review by Laurence Grimwood

Genre/s:  Punk, Hardcore, Garage Punk
For fans of: Gas Rag, School Jerks, Stoic Violence

Bloodclot Faggots were an amazing vegan straight edge Adelaide punk band. Unfortunately, like most good bands in Australia, in the short period the band was together they did not get half the recognition they deserved. The band seemed to see the humour in this though, and (ironically?) named the first track on their self titled EP ‘Big In Adelaide’. Their EP is rough as guts but tough as nails – just the way Australian punk should be. The vocalist, who (I think) now does vocals for Adelaide hardcore band Starvation, erratically screams over the abrasive sounds of the guitar, bass and drums, creating this messy yet brilliant conjunction of dirty punk noise. Give it a listen.

1. Big In Adelaide
2. How High Can A Punk Get?
3. Total Dicktator
4. Moshmallow
5. Total Life Fuck
6. Old Bastard
7. This Is Living


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