Friday 21 February 2014

Denak - Grindcore


Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Grindcore, Mincecore
For Fans Of: Dahmer, Mesrine, Archagathus, 50/50

So I bet you're wondering whether this is a grindcore album?
I guess you're right.
Denak were a grindcore band from Spain, who were around between 1994 and 2004, and in the ten years they were around, they put out quite a few splits with quite a few other well known grind bands (notably Dahmer and Haemorrhage). 'Grindcore' is their only full length album (that wasn't a split LP, that is) and it showcases their ferocious brand of mince-y, gore tinged brand of, well, grindcore. Also there's a Hellnation and Fear Of God cover on here, so that's cool too. This is some pretty essentially listening, especially for all you mince addicts out there, so snag it below.

1. No Juzgues Tanto
2. Ni Olvido Ni Perdón
3. Solo
4. Carlos Torío
5. Powerviolence
6. Buena Oportunidad
7. Estado De Bienestar
8. Pecados
9. M.E.T.P. No! \\
10. Violencia Justificada
11. Absolution (Fear Of God cover)
12. Qué Más Da?
13. Nadie Hace Nada
14. Maldito Obseso
15. La Hora De Hablar
16. Complejos
17. Shit Society (Hellnation cover)
18. Rutina
19. Nuestro Futuro
20. Mierda Rosa
21. Amistad
22. No Es Justo



  1. More importantly, you neglected to mention that members went on to form bands such as Looking For An Answer and Disturbance Project. You dork.

    THANKS!! MORE THANKSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/