Friday 7 February 2014

Sucked Dry - Dog Children

'Dog Children'
Sucked Dry

Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Hardcore
For Fans Of: Walls, Cult Ritual, Sex Vid, No, Nazi Dust, Void

Sucked Dry know that hardcore is at its best when its weird, fucked up and full of alienation and FRUSTRATION (grrr), hence they have channeled this into their first LP, Dog Children. This LP throws you right into the thick of it, with 'Supplication Rites' blasting you feedback (which is almost constantly present throughout the course of this album, bless) before launching into an absolute whirlwind of a riff. The vocals are pissed and gruff - the riffs are wonky, angular and fast. Sucked Dry turn what could've been a very normal hardcore release into the noisy abomination it is by adding a healthy dose of noise and chaos to a pretty simplistic formula. Dissonant is anunderstatement and angry doesn't even begin to describe it - give this a listen and scare some adults, oh and KEEP HARDCORE WEIRD


1. Supplication Rites
2. Catamite
3. Beta Blockers
4. Option One
5. Breeding
6. Option Two
7. Filler
8. Slobber
9. Fastener Stripped Smooth
10. Outsider
11. Brazil
12. The Big Shift
13. Nuclear Fox
14. Peripherals
15. Heady

Bandcamp (They have a few more release here, suss em' out)

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