Thursday 27 February 2014

Moloch - Self Titled


Review by Brayden Bagnall

Genre/s: Sludge Metal
For Fans Of: Meth Drinker, Thou, Bottom Feeder, Eyehategod

It's a universally agreed upon fact that sludge is at its best when it sounds like the contents of a heroin junkie's stool sample making out with a suicide victim, and lo and behold, Moloch are here to make you miserable withe their heroin junkie stool/suicide victim sludge baby. The four piece band from Leicester, England are among some of the newer bands who are taking the template laid out by Eyehategod (the Southern style riffs via copious amounts of opiate abuse and a healthy dose of nihilism) and then dragging it through the mud and cement, coating in a heavy layer of doom, distortion and dread, adding about fifty metric fucktonnes of heavy to the formula. It's stripped back, primal sludge at its most bleak and depressing extreme, and it's here waiting for you to listen to it. Turn this one up loud and make your neighbours cry.

1. Thy Grief
2. Who Is This Who Is Coming
3. Black Water
4. Repulsion


P.S - The guys behind Moloch run the excellent distro, Feast Of Tentacles. Go check it out and buy a record maybe.

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